Monday, December 07, 2015

Thankful Thursday, 5 And A Correction

We need to correct something we have been saying.  The goodie box did not come from  It came from Purr*Packs, which somehow TBT THOUGHT was the name of the promotional program, but of course, he was COMPLETELY wrong.

Purr*Packs is a company that specializes in discovering and sharing new and innovative cat products for their customers.  They are a subscription service that sends out monthly packs (in 3 sizes) of interesting cat toys and products. 

They sent us a sample box for review on our blog.  We really apologize for our confusion.  Now we return to our review...

AYLA:  First, I did NOT steal the stick treats.  TBT found them hiding under the scratcher in the original box.

Now, to the 2 pouches of threats...  One is fer good dental care, one is fer just taste.  But quite frankly, I we have never been able to tell much difference.  What WE like is the CRUNCH!  So those dental type treats seem good ta us.

Last time I went to the vet, he knocked me out with a baseball bat, pulled all my teeth out, boiled them, and glued them back in [TBT:  AYLA!  it was a groggy-shot and they cleaned your teeth very gently].  Well, thats not how *I* remember it!

But we got ta eat some of each:

 We loved
Just plain Nom...!
So we are sure you will like both yerselfs.


Brian said...

Yummy treats would make us purr too!

Flynn said...

Looks like you are all enjoying those treats. Ayla, I always wondered what happened when the vet cleans teeth. Thanks for telling me, I think.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

That is great, treats that clean your teeth. :) My cats love Greenies, but I don't buy them often because they are more money than other treats.

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Greenies are great. if you can afford them...

Glad you enjoyed all of your treats:))

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

OH, those look super-tasty, and you certainly look like you enjoyed them.

Summer at said...

We are big Greenies fans here!

Megan said...

TBT got it 'completely wrong' - what? AGAIN? Dearie, dearie, dearie. You need to stay on top of him, you know.

Sydney, Australia

The Swiss Cats said...

Those look very tasty ! Purrs

Pretinha said...

Isso é maravilhoso, além de saboroso ajuda a não visitar
o veterinário para limpeza dos dentes.
Isso é um alívio!

Katie Isabella said...

I need something not hard as rocks to chew on to clean MY teeth. Would those work, kitties?