Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thankful Thursday For Kibble Bags

We LOVE gettin into the new-emptied kibble bags.
The smell is WUNNERFUL!
 TBT COULD just put it in the trash...
But he lets us play in it...
And lick in it...
An generally check it out.  Its almost like sniffing NIP!
Marley especially loves gettng his nosie in there.
And sometimes has a hard time gettin it OUT...
Ha ha, stuck!
While WE watch.
He runs it all around the kitchen.
 OK,  Marley, get OUT of it.
Ahem, Marley...
We want a turn...
He IS obsessed ya know...
MY turn...
Ayla showed off by crawling completely into the entire bag, licking, and walking back out
She is thinking of doing it again.  But there are whapping possibilities.  So she doesnt.
Oh, and BTW, Happy New Year...  We enjoy it our way, you enjoy it yours.  MOL!


  1. That was a heap of baggy fun!!

    Meowmy puts down the kibble bag here too...but we just sniff it and off we go, MOL!

    Happy New Year to you all!


  2. OMC, that looks like so much fun! Happy New Year's Eve!

  3. Good to see the three of you having fun and taking turns.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. You three are so much more polite about taking turns than we would be with that!

  5. Oh my, that was pretty darn funny and I'll have to see if my Dad will let us give that a try!

  6. Estou rindo aqui, vocês são muito divertidos meus amores!
    Feliz 2016!

  7. That is a great idea our Mom had not considered letting us in the empty bag of food!
    HAPPY Mew Year's Eve.

  8. You sure had a great time with that kibble bag!
    Have a happy and peaceful New Year...

    Noodle and crew

  9. Those empty bags smell so good, and there is always lickings on the inside. Looks like Marley likes it a lot!

  10. MOL ! You're so funny ! Best wishes for 2016 and Happy Mew Year ! Purrs

  11. Had fun watching you guys enjoy the Kibble bag. Wishing you a peaceful healthy 2016.

    Cats of wildcat woods

  12. That is a very unique way to celebrate New Year's Eve, but as long as it makes you happy. Happy and healthy 2016 to all 3 of you and TBT!

  13. OMC, you guys definitely win the last laugh of the year award!

  14. Good smells are wunderful. Happy New Year.

  15. somekitties just like ta HOG things, yanno? *glares at Allie* MOL!!
    Wishing you a wondrously happy Mew Year!!

  16. OH MY COD! What total FUN! If I bring my own bag may I come on over and we'll have a race across the floor? Please meow yes! Happy New Year!!

  17. That is dangerous. Cats can sufficate in those bags which is why we are told to rip up chip bags before we dispose of them. I know you are supervising them but I just thought I’d let you know.

  18. We never get ta sniff de chrunchy bag 'cuz mom dumps our chrunchies into an airtight & catproof container. Then she & throws the empty bag in the recycling bin where it gets made into something else. Is TBT starvin' you guys 'cuz you act like you haven't eaten in days. We weren't gonna mention it, but was Iza the only kit-teh slim enough to get completely inside the bag? We wonder iffin TBT might considering whether the D word (as in diet) is in a couple of your near futures? A final word to the wise (I'm talkin' to you cats, not TBT) - never crawl inside a bag that is smaller than you are. We hope Marley was able to get outta that bag.

    Happy New Year greeting to TBT, Iza, Ayla & Marley.


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