Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Exploration

AYLA:  TBT left a chair near the bookcase and I was able to get up to a shelf I cant usually get to.  The problem is that I cant seem to get around the front to the next shelf and keep my balance.
Nor can I get from here to the shelf below.  I could get to it from the chair again, but Id have to get down first.
And jumping down to the chair from here doesnt look all that good.  Its one of those skinny wooden dining chairs.  Gettin up on the back of it from the seat and then jumping up was OK, but it doesnt look like very much ta land on.
Fortunately, the cat tree platform looks nice and wide.  I think I'll get down that way.
Unfortunately, TBT moved the chair as soon as I landed on the cat tree, so I cant get back up to a different shelf now...