Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Little Snow

AYLA:  We got snow, but only 1".  TBT says the storm just grazed us and that Washington DC only 20 miles away got more.  And more north of us got hammerred.  So we are glad we arent north.

I was actally the 1st one ta go out.  Well, thats cause I'd been watching the birdies hopping on the deck while Iza and Marley were busy sleepin.  So I ran right out and spotted the birdies sittin on the tomatato cages past the deck.  I tried ta get closer but its hard ta be hidey out on the bare snow!
 Ya can see all the birdie tracks...
They all flew off, an my paws were gettin cold, so I decided ta head back in.  Marley came out an I told him he was too late.

MARLEY:  Well, Ayla told me the birdies had gone, but I decided to check anyway.  Besides, I wanted to go down an look fer mousie prints anyway.  But those snowy stairs looked pretty slippery.
So, I decided to think of something else.
Sitting in the snow makes fer a cold butt!
I walked to the front of the deck and looked around.   Nothin much ta see.
So I went back in fer some kibble snacks...