Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Thankful 13

We havent done this in a LONG while. but today seems just right... 

We are thankful FOR (in no order):

1.  Not much snow so far this Winter.
2.  Toy mousies.
3.  Sunpuddles.
4.  NIP!
5.  Laptime.
6.  Live mousies
7.  Blogger Friends
8.  Birdies hitting the deck door
9.  Moths
10. Wand toys
11. TBT
12. Steak juice
13. The big waterbed

There are more, but we hadda limit ourselfs...  TBT said "13" and we did that.  For now...

More pics of us sleepin next time.

A Little Catch Up

First, we showed Hugo The Hippo last week.  
Some of you remembered him and asked what happened to him.  We sent him off to Darling Millie, but he seems to have disappeared from there into the Quilting Blogosphere.  We tried to get him back, but were not successful.  We very much hope that Hugo is enjoying further travels.

He has special meanin to us as he was the first to greet newcat Marley  HERE!

Hugo left after days of wunnerful visitin

We sure wonder where he is now...  If annyone knows, please tell us about his travels since he left here.

Second, yes Iza went out in the snow.  She decided it was OK after Ayla an Marley did it.  WRONG!  She hates "cold-butt"

We think that's enough researchin fer one day.  So we are gonna go bug TBT fer mid night foods (as in it is nearly 3 AM an we are hungry....  An then sleep a lot.  ON him if possible.