Saturday, January 31, 2015

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY: Well, before we forget, I wanna show these pictures after our little bitty snow from a few days ago.  TBT was nice enough ta shovel a path to the front of the deck so we could watch the birdies better.
After we had lunch Tuesday, we waited ta go outside.  It can get crowded near where the door opens.  Ayla had just been there too, but moved away when she saw the flashie.
 And the door finally opened!
See?  Ayla was right there ready ta jump out.  Iza likes to check the conditions first.
 I went along the path, but realized it wasnt leading to the stairs.
 So I turned around to try a differnt way.

" The Lonely hunter sets out across the frozen tundra seeking food fer his fambly..."
 "The fambly, meanwhile, waits behind, trapped by the deep snow".
 "I hope he brings me back a mousie", says Iza.  "Im hungry".  "But I think I'll wait in the cave"...