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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Happy Sunday

AYLA:  We are happy ta say that we have our cat trees an floor space back!  Ya see, TBT put up that (lovely) artificial holiday tree in December and come January, couldnt figure out how ta put it away.  He could get the branches to fold up but not STAY folded up enough ta tie them closed.

He finally got the idea of stretchin a big heavy garbage bag in a clean trash can and then sliding a section of the tree down into it.  That folded the branches up, and pullin the bag out kept them tight.  He even got all 3 sections back in the original box!

So that meant he could move OUR trees back together at the window...
AND left floor space fer our other nice stuff!


PS, we hear we are gonna have Super Food Bowls tonight, or something like that.  We can hardly wait!