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Friday, February 13, 2015

Vet Day!

Oh NO!  It must be our Vet Visit Day.  TBT pulled out our PTUs.  But hes not trying ta put us in them.  This is NOT the normal pattern, so we are a bit confoosed.

More later...

UPDATE:  The PTUs just sat in our cat room fer hours.
But TBT finally came for us, one by one.  He did trick us in one way, though.  He got each of us into separate rooms, an closed the doors so we couldnt run an hide when we heard the first of us grabbed.

So there we were lined up in the Vets office.
   And finally, in The Room...
Fortunately, TBT fergot to take anny other pictures, so we escape the humiliating events.  But it was all the usual...