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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Forced Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Baby, its cold outside!  It was only 9F this morning when we all got up (and that was a few hours after sunrise), so it musta got even colder during the night.  Its only 17 now.  And it is WINDY!  Iza an I stepped outside on the deck when TBT went out to rehang the blown-down thistle feeder, an we sure followed him right back IN afterwards!

So we are FORCED to stay in today.  We'll suffer that as comfortably as we can, of course...
Iza is unsure where to take her Easy today.  
She keeps lookin around.  Shes probly waitin ta see where TBT settles down at.  Good luck on THAT, I heard TBT say he had things ta do today in the basement.
And we hear it will get down to 1F in a couple nights!