Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Snowday

AYLA: It stopped snowing here at dawn, an we went out after TBT got up an we had breakfast.  We got about 6", but it fell so gently there was bare space under the roof. 
Marley followed me.
 I went all the way out to the end cuz I can see the birdie-feeder from there.  There were LOTS of birdies!
But I wanted ta go back in.  There was a temporary blockage.  I coulda hopped over him , but I wanted ta see iffen he would step off into the snow.
He dint.  
 I considered it myself, but I decided ta head back inside.
So Marley DID go out on the snowy deck.  He said he wanted ta know what those holes were.
But there was just nothin in them, so he came inside too.
TBT says he will shovel a path to the front of the deck when he clears the driveway tomorrow.