Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow, Part 2

MARLEY:  After breakfast, I decided ta go out on the deck.  There was somethin new there, so I had to check it out carefully.
But it seemed safe ta walk past.
 Still, my attention was on the cleared path, so I went out to the end.  It was convenient fer watchin the birdies, and in fact, seems to have made it harder fer them ta notice me.  Iza came out a bit too.
She dint stay long though.  She seems ta get cold fast.  Ya wouldnt think so with all that pudge!
I was also hidden from the skwerls, which was great!  I got ta watch them a lot.
And the birdies flyin all around.  It seems they take turns at the feeder.  With so many of them, that keeps them all moving around.
I could watch this all day!
Although, even I get cold eventually, so it was into the house fer me.  I got some crunchies...