Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow, Part 3

AYLA:  Today we have birdie pictures ta show.  Who doesnt like ta see birdies?

First, there were birdie footprints the morning the snow stopped...
 Im not sure why they hop around on the snow when there is nothin fer them ta eat!
Then yesserday, TBT took pictures of the birdies themselfs.  The goldfinchs sure love the thistle seed feeder.  There are 6 perches an usually a dozen or more waitin fer a turn.
The regular bird feeder has lots of birdies on the ground below.  Thats cuz the mockingbird shoves lots of seeds off the tray above them.
The cardinals prefer the actual feeder an they chase the mockingbird away.  
But there are a dozen male cardinals (probly as many females but they are harder to see to count) an the feeder only has room fer 2 at a time.  So some have ta wait in the bushes an trees.
An there is a Blue Jay that visits.  Hes big so the cardinals all leave him alone.  Only the Woody Woodpecker can chase him away.  An NOBIRDY bothers the Woodpecker!
Here is a Cardinal waitin his turn.
An THIS one is tellin the others they have to wait!
 An here is the next in line flyin up to take over the tray.