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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Yeah, its Caturday Saturday, but Im talkin about Wensday here today.  Ya see, with all the snow an birdies an stuff, I just dint have time ta mention that Marlley an I hadda go back ta the Vet on Wensday.  He said we needed our teefs cleaned.

Well, we kinna panicked.  Usually TBT is with us at the Vet and takes us straight home.  But this time he LEFT US!  We were SURE Iza had convinced TBT she should be an Only Cat and we was goin to a shelter.

But he came back later and put us in the car.  WHEW!
We looked all around ta make sure it was the same car AND that TBT got into it.
We talked to him very loudly the whole trip back...
He better not do that to us again or we will bite his ear when hes asleep!