Saturday, February 28, 2015

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Ive watched birdies all week an Im getting tired of them.  So Im hidin in the Ess scratcher...
Hopin somekitty comes by ta pounce.  Unfortunately, I cant seem ta turn the lasers off.  
Which meant I never did surprise annyone.  So I checked out the bookcase an found a new pile of cloth.  It looked comfy, but it was thin stuff and just went all flat and hard.
So I hopped down all slow and floaty (unlike Iza, who falls like a water balloon).
Im restless. Theres still too much snow outside ta run around properly and its hard ta do that indoors (wood floors).  TBT says Spring arrives here Monday.  I cant wait!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Freaky Friday

IZA:  A Dark Box, A Dark Room, and LASERS!
 Nokitty will bother ME in here.
I am surrounded by walls, so there can be no sneak pounces.
Now iffen a food bowl would show up right here right now, it would be purrfect.
I guess that aint likely ta happen, is it?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

IZA:  I like it when TBT sits down in the chair in front of the TV.  It means he is going to be there a while and there is a lap.  But notice Im not in his lap...
Thats because he is also sometimes eating his dinner while watching the TV an there is NO lap.
I do NOT like THAT!   So I sit on the arm of the chair to be close as possible to him.  It is JUST a coincidence that that means he has no space to put HIS arm (heh, heh). 

Which sometimes leads to me being lifted off the chair arm an set on the floor.  An since I do not like THAT either, I hop right back up.

I know he will finish eating eventually and move the tray away and make a lap.  And I wanna be right there before anny other kitty grabs it.  Ya snooze, ya lose!
So what am I THANKFUL for?  That the chair arm is wide and soft while I wait fer my lap...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Boring Old Tuesday

IZA:  Im BORED today.  I even tried playin Queen Of The Hill.
But nokitty will challenge me.
Ayla an Marley are both off nappin.  Id ask TBT, but hes too big.  He would just pick me up an set me on the floor, an that would be it.
So Im really bored.  But TBT says he will break out the wand toys when he gets back from gettin some money back from the grocery store.  Apparently, they owe him some

So I guess I'll go nap with Marley an Ayla til then...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Dont worry, Im not mad at annyone.  Im just sitting on my hammick...
About whether Spring is EVER gonna arrive!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  Since the snow doesnt seem ta wanna go away just yet, and sittin on the cleared path on the deck is gettin a little boring (sometimes Birdie TV isnt broadcasting) we are spendin a lot of today together on the warm waterybed.
Especially since it has a corner all covered with towels TBT hasnt put away yet.
And right now he CANT cuz WE are usin them!
Have a great EASY evryone...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Yeah, its Caturday Saturday, but Im talkin about Wensday here today.  Ya see, with all the snow an birdies an stuff, I just dint have time ta mention that Marlley an I hadda go back ta the Vet on Wensday.  He said we needed our teefs cleaned.

Well, we kinna panicked.  Usually TBT is with us at the Vet and takes us straight home.  But this time he LEFT US!  We were SURE Iza had convinced TBT she should be an Only Cat and we was goin to a shelter.

But he came back later and put us in the car.  WHEW!
We looked all around ta make sure it was the same car AND that TBT got into it.
We talked to him very loudly the whole trip back...
He better not do that to us again or we will bite his ear when hes asleep!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow, Part 3

AYLA:  Today we have birdie pictures ta show.  Who doesnt like ta see birdies?

First, there were birdie footprints the morning the snow stopped...
 Im not sure why they hop around on the snow when there is nothin fer them ta eat!
Then yesserday, TBT took pictures of the birdies themselfs.  The goldfinchs sure love the thistle seed feeder.  There are 6 perches an usually a dozen or more waitin fer a turn.
The regular bird feeder has lots of birdies on the ground below.  Thats cuz the mockingbird shoves lots of seeds off the tray above them.
The cardinals prefer the actual feeder an they chase the mockingbird away.  
But there are a dozen male cardinals (probly as many females but they are harder to see to count) an the feeder only has room fer 2 at a time.  So some have ta wait in the bushes an trees.
An there is a Blue Jay that visits.  Hes big so the cardinals all leave him alone.  Only the Woody Woodpecker can chase him away.  An NOBIRDY bothers the Woodpecker!
Here is a Cardinal waitin his turn.
An THIS one is tellin the others they have to wait!
 An here is the next in line flyin up to take over the tray.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow, Part 2

MARLEY:  After breakfast, I decided ta go out on the deck.  There was somethin new there, so I had to check it out carefully.
But it seemed safe ta walk past.
 Still, my attention was on the cleared path, so I went out to the end.  It was convenient fer watchin the birdies, and in fact, seems to have made it harder fer them ta notice me.  Iza came out a bit too.
She dint stay long though.  She seems ta get cold fast.  Ya wouldnt think so with all that pudge!
I was also hidden from the skwerls, which was great!  I got ta watch them a lot.
And the birdies flyin all around.  It seems they take turns at the feeder.  With so many of them, that keeps them all moving around.
I could watch this all day!
Although, even I get cold eventually, so it was into the house fer me.  I got some crunchies...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Snowday

AYLA: It stopped snowing here at dawn, an we went out after TBT got up an we had breakfast.  We got about 6", but it fell so gently there was bare space under the roof. 
Marley followed me.
 I went all the way out to the end cuz I can see the birdie-feeder from there.  There were LOTS of birdies!
But I wanted ta go back in.  There was a temporary blockage.  I coulda hopped over him , but I wanted ta see iffen he would step off into the snow.
He dint.  
 I considered it myself, but I decided ta head back inside.
So Marley DID go out on the snowy deck.  He said he wanted ta know what those holes were.
But there was just nothin in them, so he came inside too.
TBT says he will shovel a path to the front of the deck when he clears the driveway tomorrow.