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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

IZA:  I like it when TBT sits down in the chair in front of the TV.  It means he is going to be there a while and there is a lap.  But notice Im not in his lap...
Thats because he is also sometimes eating his dinner while watching the TV an there is NO lap.
I do NOT like THAT!   So I sit on the arm of the chair to be close as possible to him.  It is JUST a coincidence that that means he has no space to put HIS arm (heh, heh). 

Which sometimes leads to me being lifted off the chair arm an set on the floor.  An since I do not like THAT either, I hop right back up.

I know he will finish eating eventually and move the tray away and make a lap.  And I wanna be right there before anny other kitty grabs it.  Ya snooze, ya lose!
So what am I THANKFUL for?  That the chair arm is wide and soft while I wait fer my lap...