Monday, March 02, 2015

Happy Dr Seuss Day

An Adapted and Abbreviated 'Cat In The Hat'...

Too Cold and Too Windy,
Too Wet to go out.
So all we could do
Was pout, pout, pout, pout.

Then a knock on the door
Brought our growls at the stair.
But a Man With A Can
Was standing right there.

He told us he knew
Some fun games we could play
That would keep us amused
The entire whole day.

The games were so busy
That stuff it did fall.
There hardly was room
To run down through the hall.

Then he brought out Thing One
And he bought out Thing Two
You wouldnt believe
All the mess they could do.

So the Man went outside
With Thing One and Thing Two
And returned with a fabulous

It picked UP all the stuff
That was fallen all DOWN
And put back all the things
That were scatterred AROUND.

Then the Man took the Can,
Pulled the lid off right quick,
And put stuff in our bowls
For a Sniff and a Lick.

It was quite the best foods
That we ever had ate
And the vote we all took
Said the Man was First-Rate.

So he drove out the door
On his Clean-It-A-Roo
And was gone just like that
With the house looking new!