Thursday, March 05, 2015

Thursday Snowday

IZA:   First, we got asked about the quilts on the chair in yesserdays post.  Those are "Gizzies" made by the Mom of Darling Millie.  TBT got them for Skeeter, LC, and then Ayla.  I inherited Skeeter's an Marley inherited LC's.  Although we just share them all now.

Second of all, I'm SHOCKED!  TBT told us Spring would start ta be here Tuesday and he seems to have been lying wrong "misinformed".  It is snowing - HARD - and we are sposed ta get several inches.  Plus it is going down ta 5 and 6F the next couple nights.

So we are still stuck inside.  TBT says NEXT week will be more "Springy".  I'll beleef that when I see it, but I spose he has ta be right EVENTUALLY...

 So... we are all stuck inside.  TBT sat down ta watch the Weather (outside AND on the TV).  I jumped right up, of course.  But then Marley came by and stood up ta see iffen there was room.  I told him "NO"!  But TBT said I better make some room or he would just stand up and not leave no lap behind.

GRRR!  But I shuffled a little bit and Marley curled up too.
You can see just how THRILLED I looked.
Glare, glare, glare...
*Sigh*   Oh well, he IS warm.  And he doesnt squirm.
But Ayla better not come by lookin fer lapspace; I'd hafta bite SOME body!