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Friday, March 06, 2015

Freaky Friday

IZA:  I have found a hidey place
Where none but I may enter, BWA-HA-HA!
Even iffen somekitty finds me, my lasers will stop them...
Its even hidier than it looks.  Im not only behind some blankie, Im BELOW the bed.  Its PURRFECT!
Unfortunately, it is very temporary.  Ta wash the waterybed sheets, TBT just drags the blankie down over the bottom edge.  Then the blankie goes back up and my hideyplace disappears.  But it will be back someday.

BTW, iffen ya notice, the frame is all tore up an stained.  Thats all Ayla's werk.  When she was new in the unimportant days (as in "before me"), she scratched that top corner a lot an sprayed the bottom.  It only shows up with the flashy, but TBT is startin ta get pretty tired of it.  We all bet it gets changed soon...