Sunday, March 08, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We all enjoyed bein out in the late morning and came inside fer lunch.  After lunch, we took it EASY fer a while.  Marley an Iza still are doin the EASY in the sunpuddles.
But I was kinna anxious ta get back out.
The snow is almost completely melted from the deck.
An I wanna see whats left on the lawn.  
It MIGHT be low enough fer me ta walk around some.  Marley has already been out on the snow yesserday, but his tummy is up higher than mine.  NO, Im not plump; its just that Marley has longer legs.  
So here I am wandering around near the Sleeping Beauties waitin fer the door to open.
And waiting...
Hmmm, mebbe iffen I wake THEM up, they will wanna go out too an TBT will open the door fer all of us.