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Monday, March 09, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Its nice that the deck an rails are now clear of snow and even much of the yard is bare again too.  Ayla an I have been watchin the finch feeders hanging from the deck real close. 
There are just ALLUS birdies there...
Ecept when we get too close an they all fly away.   Its kinna hard ta hide on a bare deck!
But then this one birdie just STAYED there even with Ayla pacin back an forth above it (and oh wow was HER tail a'twitchin), and with ME tryin ta squeeze between the small posts.
I just COULD NOT quite reach that birdie, my outstretched paw just INCHES away, an it STILL wouldnt leave.  
Then I suddenly heard TBT laffin about the whole situation an turned ta look.  "Uh oh, Ayla, we're bein watched"!
I thought about it fer a minnit, then decided iffen he hadnt stopped us, it must be OK.
So I went back ta tryin ta squeeze through those small posts an lookin fer some other way ta get at it.
But TBT finally called us in fer lunch.  Well, the birdie was ecitin, but you know what they say; "A birdie inna bowl is worth 2 at the feeder".  We went in an ate.
Iffen ya look real close at the bottom right of the feeder, ya can just see the birdie sittin there ignorin us...