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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Revenge Of The Taunted

AYLA:  It was BIRDICIDE, I SWEAR!  I was innocently sitting on the deck rail watchin the birdies at the finch feeder.  And while I was sittin there, one birdie came and landed right in front of me, beak to nose.  All I did was reach out a paw to hold it down while I grabbed it by the neck.  I was so surprised, it was all by instinct!  And I realized it was that same birdie from yesserday!

Then I hopped down an looked around, thinking "I have a birdie in my mouth, whatever SHALL I do with it?"
I wanted to bring it in the house.  TBT opened the door, but only enough to get a clearer picture.
I went fer the opening, but he closed it back up...
So I settled on the mat fer some playtime.
Some of the following may be a little blurry cuz they are action shots an TBTs camera isnt real good at those (actually its TBT who isnt very good at those, but I'll be generous here).
Even I cant quite remember how this picture came about.  Was I tossing it or catching it?
But annyway, I got ahold of it again
And thrashed it all around
Giving it one last paw-slam!
Then it was NOM-time!!!

 Nom, nom, nom...
 Nom, nom, nom...
Nom nom all the way.