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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vishus Deer

IZA: With all the ecitement about Aylas bird, and the snow melting, I havent had a chancce to tell MY big story this week.  OUR HOUSE IS BEIN WATCHED BY VISHUS DEER!  Its true.  I spent a whole hour watchin them carefully through a window.

Here ya can see them sharpening their teeth on the grass in the neighbors yard.  An ya see the little one there starin at me?  He's probly the brains of the gang.
They were busy eatin acorns and stuff too.  I think maybe thats how they power their firey breath.
 See, there's that little one givin me the Evil Eye again.  He KNOWS I'm watchin.
They try ta act so innocent, but I'm on to them.
And its worse than it sounds.  TBT said he found their hoofprints in the snow around the front of the house.  Even right up TO the house where the shrubs are.  THEY ARE TRYIN TA FIND A WAY IN!
I talked ta Ayla and Marley and we have all been keepin our claws extra sharp.  We are ready for them iffen they try ta get at us.