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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Mancat Tuesday

MARLEY:  Well I couldnt have MY Mancat Monday day yesserday as it was Iza's Birfday, so I'm taking it today...

Is THIS a good place ta nap or WHAT?
Its the old cat tree TBT builted.   The tunnel/cave is a great place ta relax...
Ya can see the whole thing here.
I think I might nap all day here.
Until foods time, of course...

Wow and Thank You All!

IZA:  I want to thank ALL the kitties and Beins that helped Me and Zoey celebrate our Mutual Birfday Pawty yesserday.  I think it was the best Birfday pawty EVER!!!

TBT says that 7 is sposed ta be a Lucky Number, an so I should have a great day evry day this next year.  I asked, "well what about NEXT YEAR?" an he said that 8 is really good too.  So OK...

The day was so filled with ecitin games an foods an activities...  Bag an box hops, ladder-climbin, toy-whappin, wand-chasin, foods and drinks...  Oh I can hardly recall it all!

But I will when I sleep on TBT tonight while he reminds me and scritches me.  He says I am a bit Nipped out and will recall it all myself in the morning.

And my special thanks to Zoey for sharin my birfday, and to Ann fer the great graphics.  And oh, BTW, when I FINALLY got to claw at the cake, it was Nip with Chickie underflavors and a little bacon fat.  Which is about as good as it gets!

Thank you all!

Now, if its OK with you, I'm gonna nap in The Fancy Box until TBT decides ta go ta bed.  I'm ALL worn out...
It isnt EVRY day ya turn 7!