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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this weeks Garden Tour!  It rained a bit last night, but its pretty much dried out now.  Which is good; I was afraid it would be too wet for the tour today.  We'll start from the deck through the Nip patch.  They are right at the base of the stairs, so they are very convenient.  Feel free ta pick off a couple leafs...

We have the last of the pretty crocuses from a shady spot that doesnt warm up as fast as the rest of the yard.  I think these are the last for the year.
The daffodils are waking up.
Most are just in small patches, but there is one larger one way in the back.
And we have this one early tulip.  There are other tulips in the yard, but they bloom later.
There saucer magnolia tree is also starting ta bloom.  TBT is taking a picture every day to try to catch it in full bloom.  In a good year, it looks like a big pink cloud!  Some years, the frosts kill most of the flowers before they open completely.  But as cold as this Winter was, the freezes stopped earlier than usual, so we are hoping for a really good display this year!
Now, it may be dry enough for walking around, but its still too wet (and chilly) for sitting around on the grass.  So lets go up on the deck where it is nice and dry and have some snacks while we discuss gardens and catstuff. 

We have a surprise today...  Chickie livers!I had never had them before, but TBT bought some, and I like them a lot.  I hope you do too.  Plus we have some bits of ham.  Niptinis too, with the first fresh leafs of the season.

Thank you for coming on our tour today!