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Friday, April 10, 2015

Freaky Friday


Well we had a real surprise.  TBT was going out through the basement, so we all crowded around the door there.  Then all of a sudden, the leafs piled up there started MOVING.  When TBT opened the door, a black snake ran around the corner of the house.  Well, WE stayed inside while TBT went out to look. 

He saw it motionless in a flowerbed and tried to take a picture.  But the snake dint like that and headed back for the pile of leafs.  Next ta the OPEN basement door!  Guess what?  Yeah, it went straight in...

It was out of sight by the time he got back an WE were all sniffin around the plant stand, TBT got a flashlight an looked unner it.  He dint see anything at first, but realized it was hiding among the thick electric cords in the shadows.

He tried ta chase it back out with a pole, but Ssssnakey dint wanna come out.  So he shoved a board it there hard and Ssssnakey dint like THAT so he moved some.

Annyway, it went back an forth a few times until Ssssnakey came out on the floor an curled itself all up inna twisty ball.  TBT shoved it into an empty litter tub and got it outside quick (an closed the door)! 

I was brave an went out too.  Sniffed at the tub, but I wasnt gonna stick MY nosie over the edge.  Ive heard those things can JUMP!  TBT finally tossed it over the fence an watched it slitherin away real fast.

We were glad it left.  We were afraid it would hide in the basement until it died and really stunk up the place!  All the airfreshener at Wal-Mart wouldnt cover THAT smell...