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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We love waitin to go out together on sunny mornings.  I have to say we generally get along pretty well.  When there is some fussing or even hissing, there is usally a decent reason.

However, this is a good picture ta show you all how Im the small fry of the Mews (even though Im the oldest).  Purrsonally, I think it shows my Royal Pedigree Of Delicate Nature.  Im the one in the middle...
Thankfully, the deck door DOES get opened eventually.  Why am I not in this picture (you ask)?  Because Im very agile and can hop over Marley and Iza with ease.
See me out there the farthest?  Annyway, there were some inneresting smells on the deck this morning.  WE know what it was, but we dont tell TBT EVRYTHING, you know?
We all found the spot where "it" sat...
Not saying what "it" was (in case TBT is reading this post).  We like ta keep some secrets from him.  And I want to point out that Iza had to sniff longer ta figure out what it was; shes the 40 watt of the fambly).  Note that I was already tracking it, while Iza was still sniffin the main spot.  Marley was checking back to TBT ta see iffen he knew what it was.  He dint.
So then Marley watched where I was heading to see iffen he could get ahead of me.
OK, OK, iffen ya PROMISE ta not tell TBT...  It was Evil Skwerl Pee.  I could tell by the acorn stink right off.  And the trail ended real fast, which means it jumped off the deck from where I tracked it to the edge. 

Iza said she thought it was Vishus deer.  Well, they DO eat acorns too, but they cant get in the yard much less up the stairs to the deck.  Poor Iza...  Sometimes I think her Mama picked her up by the neck too tight a few times when she was a kitten.

But we all had a nice morning outside until TBT called us in cuz he hadda go do some errands...