Thursday, April 16, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my garden tour.  I have LOTS to show!

See this bootiful flower?  Its actally on a tree!
Really nice as a blossom an a flower...
The daffodils are going GREAT!  
Look closer!
TBT's garden beds are ready fer growing...
The backyard saucer magnolia is in full bloom!  See?  I told ya would would get that timed fer the tour...
Its real nice close-up, too.
The one out front is a bit smaller.  Well, its shadier there...
And TBT says I HAVE ta show ya the lettuce.  Dont know why.  It smells funny.  I wouldnt eat that stuff on a bet.
But since we are here on the deck, lets just stay here.  We can all just sit and sing!

And eat.  Marley brought out some ham, Ayla made some Meowgaritas.  Marley is also bringing a Ssssnakey (just kidding)...  Sit a spell and just relax with us.

PEE ESS: There is a whole daffodil tour at TBT's blog...  I forgot all about THOSE!