Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  It was nice out today.  I like being up on the deck rail.  Until Iza showed up.
She allus wants to get in my space...
See the paw threat?
But I held my ground deck rail.  Yes, I'm behind her there. 
 See?  So she waddled past me...  She needs really solid stuff to walk on, like bricks and the smoker.
I could finally turn my attention to the birdie-bait feeders again.
A bit later, we were all together at another corner of the deck rails.  Marley doesn't get up there that often.  Iza appreciates the solid stack of plywood TBT has plans for later, and she likes that the deck rails are higher than she is and solid, so she can't fall over the edge.  And she could.  You should see TBT cringe as she walks the top unsteadily.  Unlike me, of course.  I could walk a tight rope safely!
But then TBT opened the deck door an announced it was a meal time.  Marley is allus ready to eat.  So is Iza, but Marley reacts faster.  I can allus wait a bit for the crowd at the door to thin.
I know I get MINE up high where I am undisturbed (usually).  So we all had a great mid-morning meal.  It was toona this time and we dont get THAT too often.

Hope you all have a good Easy Sunday!