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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my garden tour!  I dont have too much in bloom this week, but there are SOME things to enjoy.

First, we can head out past the birdfeeder where the mousie holes are thickest.  Its not likely that there will be one out, but ya never know...

The daffodils are all gone now, but there are some Tulips among the Nip plants.
The Apple trees are blooming.  We wont get anny apples cuz the Evil Skwerls steal them when they are still green.  But the flowers are nice.
There are some nice birdies ta watch too.
The Saucer Magnolia flowers are about all gone, but they are still pretty.
Now, lets go lay on the lovely soft petals on the lawn.  We will have some more chickie-livers and nibble some fresh Nip, and then roll around on the petals...

Thank you for coming on my Garden Tour this week!