Monday, April 27, 2015

Awardie Monday

MARLEY:  Monday is usually MY day, so since we got a group awardie from Ramblingon, I will reply fer all of us.

First, we wanna thank Ramblingon fer the awardie and fer saying such NICE things about us!  We sure love ALL awardies, but we nearly blushed with all the kind werds.  Well, OK, we dint ezactly "blush" cuz we cant do that real well, but we felt a blush INSIDE us...

Its the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! 
Is that a fancy one or WHAT?

We dint see anny questions ta answer or things ta do, so we are just going to pass it on. Iza says we gotta give it to Spittikins, her dearest love and constant obsession.

OK...  He DOES inspire us with his Catititude...  An its allus wise to give awardies to a King.