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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  Ahhh, MY day of the week! 
I LOVE to show off my TUMMY.  For evryone!
And closest for my dear Spittikins...
I feel happiest when his weary little royal head is resting on my "more than ample" tum...  Come and make my Tum happy Dearest Spitty-Kitticaticans...  I will lick yer head and smooth and sooth yer unattended furs.  And then (only iffen you want) we will step onto the deck and watch the pretty fevvers close-up...
And Pee Ess:  We realized that we wanted to also send the Very Inspiring Blogger Awardie

to Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat of Jacquelines Cat House.  Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat amaze us and inspire us to friendliness every day.