Thursday, April 30, 2015


IZA:  Its also Thankful Thursday for me.  Cuz Im starin at a birdie REAL closeup!  Sorry ya cant see it better.  Its the shadow in the left corner.
Yeah, beleef it or not, a birdie got trapped in the Evil Skwerl cage.  The Evil Skwerl cage is baited with peanut butter, but birdies like that stuff too.  And iffen they hop around hard enough, they can trip that lever ya see in the middle and the doors snap closed. 

Since I was havin such a good time studying the birdie so close (a rare opportunity), TBT left it in there fer a few minutes before he opened the doors an let it fly away...

Pee Ess:  Happy National Hairball Day!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  Ahhh, MY day of the week! 
I LOVE to show off my TUMMY.  For evryone!
And closest for my dear Spittikins...
I feel happiest when his weary little royal head is resting on my "more than ample" tum...  Come and make my Tum happy Dearest Spitty-Kitticaticans...  I will lick yer head and smooth and sooth yer unattended furs.  And then (only iffen you want) we will step onto the deck and watch the pretty fevvers close-up...
And Pee Ess:  We realized that we wanted to also send the Very Inspiring Blogger Awardie

to Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat of Jacquelines Cat House.  Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat amaze us and inspire us to friendliness every day.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Awardie Monday

MARLEY:  Monday is usually MY day, so since we got a group awardie from Ramblingon, I will reply fer all of us.

First, we wanna thank Ramblingon fer the awardie and fer saying such NICE things about us!  We sure love ALL awardies, but we nearly blushed with all the kind werds.  Well, OK, we dint ezactly "blush" cuz we cant do that real well, but we felt a blush INSIDE us...

Its the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! 
Is that a fancy one or WHAT?

We dint see anny questions ta answer or things ta do, so we are just going to pass it on. Iza says we gotta give it to Spittikins, her dearest love and constant obsession.

OK...  He DOES inspire us with his Catititude...  An its allus wise to give awardies to a King.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Marley and Me have a special comfort space zone.  Iza is one of us, of course, but she just doesnt do this. 
Shes hanging close to TBT, or nappin, or outside, but she just doesnt just hang out together all that close and relaxed.
She would be welcome to...
We even call her ta come join us.  
But I spose thats why I like Marley so much.  HE likes ta just sit together sometimes.  Its nice ta have a Brofur sometimes.  He reminds me of Skeeter, iffen ya know what I mean.

But iffen she is with TBT, she is havin a good EASY too, as SHE likes it.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Caturday Saturday

About a week to a Special Event.  And we ARENT tellin ya what it is ezactly.  But it's something we been looking forward to fer a while...  Something amazing to us that we never dreamed would happen...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Freaky Friday Flashback

Who is that hidin unnder the otto-man?
Waitin fer somekitty to wander innocently by?
Lookin fer a good pounce?
When he was young?
An dint know better?
 Why its MARLEY!
Playing with the sisfurs...
And ambushing them...
FREAKING them out hidin around the otto-man, but just playing.  Cuz he was a good boykitten even then and wouldnt actally seriously annoy a Sisfur.  But he DID make them jump and poof a few times.

So that counts as "Freaky" just some.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my garden tour!  I dont have too much in bloom this week, but there are SOME things to enjoy.

First, we can head out past the birdfeeder where the mousie holes are thickest.  Its not likely that there will be one out, but ya never know...

The daffodils are all gone now, but there are some Tulips among the Nip plants.
The Apple trees are blooming.  We wont get anny apples cuz the Evil Skwerls steal them when they are still green.  But the flowers are nice.
There are some nice birdies ta watch too.
The Saucer Magnolia flowers are about all gone, but they are still pretty.
Now, lets go lay on the lovely soft petals on the lawn.  We will have some more chickie-livers and nibble some fresh Nip, and then roll around on the petals...

Thank you for coming on my Garden Tour this week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monday Revisited

AYLA:  Remember yesserday when Marley was out checkin the active mousies holes after the rain?  I was up on the deck rail watchin birdies, evil skwerls, and HIM!  You can see him down on the ground way past me...
But I wasnt sure where Iza was, so I hadda keep checking around.  Mebbe shes inside nappin.
I guess I can relax a bit...

Pee Ess:  TBT got his replacement camera Saturday.  That was too fast!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  It rained real hard last night, but that was good.  Heavy rain erodes the mousie holes a bit.  Then when they come out of the ones they are actively using, they repair them some.  So the "freshened-up' ones are practically an "I'm Down Here" sign.  VERY considerate of them, I say...

This spot is one of the best locations in the yard, which is why you often see Iza and Me around there.  Its right under the birdie feeder and the mousies love the seeds that fall down!  That square thing is an old heat pump support pad and they dig holes right at the edges.
Its nice to know just which holes ta stick a paw into or just sit and watch!  Its a bit early in the day for them ta come out, but I want to memorize which ones are active.  I'll have a better chance later today just before TBT calls us in for the evening.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  It was nice out today.  I like being up on the deck rail.  Until Iza showed up.
She allus wants to get in my space...
See the paw threat?
But I held my ground deck rail.  Yes, I'm behind her there. 
 See?  So she waddled past me...  She needs really solid stuff to walk on, like bricks and the smoker.
I could finally turn my attention to the birdie-bait feeders again.
A bit later, we were all together at another corner of the deck rails.  Marley doesn't get up there that often.  Iza appreciates the solid stack of plywood TBT has plans for later, and she likes that the deck rails are higher than she is and solid, so she can't fall over the edge.  And she could.  You should see TBT cringe as she walks the top unsteadily.  Unlike me, of course.  I could walk a tight rope safely!
But then TBT opened the deck door an announced it was a meal time.  Marley is allus ready to eat.  So is Iza, but Marley reacts faster.  I can allus wait a bit for the crowd at the door to thin.
I know I get MINE up high where I am undisturbed (usually).  So we all had a great mid-morning meal.  It was toona this time and we dont get THAT too often.

Hope you all have a good Easy Sunday!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Caturday Saturday Public Service Announcement


Do you get annoyed by your Bein's camera sometimes?  Of course you do!  Well, we have a suggestion that werked fer US just this week...

Iffen yer Bein is like ours, he/she likes to take pictures of outside projects they are werkin on.  Encourage this!  Then, when they are puttin the tools an stuff away afterwards (as we know they allus do), run around them all ecited-like.  Especially just as they are looking around fer annything they overlooked.  Then act real hungry and run fer the door.

There is a very good chance they will follow you.  And once inside, they are sure to sit down and relax.  It is important to encourage them to play with you fer a while.  They will soon ferget about the outside.

Cameras are small.  Easily overlooked.  If you have done your part right, it will stay outside overnight.  In the rain...  Cameras dont seem ta werk real good after getting really wet!  You see where we are going with this?

We hope this helps you with yer camera-avoidance efforts.  It sure gave US a few days peace!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  OK, its not a GREAT picture.  A little blurry...
But I show you THAT picture to show you THIS!  Still blurry, but see all the fangs?  Two up an 2 down. 
I dint know I still HAD them.  An dont worry; I wasnt MAD, just showing off to TBT.

...Smiladon Fatalis Aylis...  MOL!

And a slight correction.  Yesserday we had a link to TBTs blog about daffodil pictures and we did that a day too early.  You can see it HERE now...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my garden tour.  I have LOTS to show!

See this bootiful flower?  Its actally on a tree!
Really nice as a blossom an a flower...
The daffodils are going GREAT!  
Look closer!
TBT's garden beds are ready fer growing...
The backyard saucer magnolia is in full bloom!  See?  I told ya would would get that timed fer the tour...
Its real nice close-up, too.
The one out front is a bit smaller.  Well, its shadier there...
And TBT says I HAVE ta show ya the lettuce.  Dont know why.  It smells funny.  I wouldnt eat that stuff on a bet.
But since we are here on the deck, lets just stay here.  We can all just sit and sing!

And eat.  Marley brought out some ham, Ayla made some Meowgaritas.  Marley is also bringing a Ssssnakey (just kidding)...  Sit a spell and just relax with us.

PEE ESS: There is a whole daffodil tour at TBT's blog...  I forgot all about THOSE!