Friday, May 01, 2015

Garden Tour Friday

IZA:  Well, I dint think there was annything ta show yesserday fer a Garden Tour, but TBT showed me we weren't totally bereft of flowers.  So OK, its Garden Tour FRIDAY this week.  Please come along.

I missed seein THIS one completely.  It is WAY in the backyard.  WHY?  I have no idea.  TBT says it seemed like a good place to plant at the time.  And indeed it was.  The dirt back there is all gravelly, and the voles don't go there much.  So the Tulips survive.  Not all that great; they dont like gravelly soil much either.  But they have outlasted almost all the other ones in the better soil (which the voles ALSO like better), so mebbe that was a good lucky idea.

Isnt it a beauty?
I also didnt notice the Brunella had flowered.  The flowers are small but quite nice.  Still, the main point of having them is the nice leafs.   The leafs look nice all summer.
The front yard daffodils bloom in two waves a couple weeks apart.  Usually both are lovely and full.  But this Spring was weerd.  The second wave just dint bloom good.  

But the individual ones ARE nice, so lets give one a close look...
So, lets go back to the deck and think about the nice flowers from before and the new ones to come.  An to make us feel better about the few bloomin here now, let us enjoy snacks an drinks...

Today we have crumbly bacon and some poached chickie breast minced.  TBT made cream smoothies with toona juice, and Marley has nudged some salmon crunchies out onto the deck.  There were more when he started, but he cant help eating some on the way.  Be glad there are ANNY left, he is addicted to them.


AYLA:  And be sure ta be here Sunday for the special mystery celebration...