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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tuesday Wipeout

IZA:  We are STILL recoverin from the pawty, and thinkin Nippy-Happy thoughts of all our friends who visited/commented/watched... 

Marley is still just paws up after the "to the fence and back run" (which he dint win even with his experience of the yard).  Some small blackish cat won, but unfortunately I don't know who that was.  There are RUMORS that 2 nearly identical kitties pulled a fast one.  Marley is still coolin his heels from that race.
Im paws-up worn out too, but more cuz I ate so much.   Well, what could I do?  I was servin foods and had to taste some of EVRYTHING (just too make sure it was top-quality, ya know).  I think I may have gained a POUND!
Ayla is hidin somewhere.  Quietly.  We think she was hangin around most with the Nip crowd.  An with her bein kinna small, it stays with her longer.

Now lets be kind here.  She isnt a usual Nipper, bein a self-controlled kinda kitty.  But she sure let herself GO at the pawty.  Shes eaten since then of course, but TBT says it was down on the floor instead of her regular high places cuz she couldnt get up there!  Who wouldda thought our sweet little "Princess" would overindulge like THAT.  HEH-HEH-HEH...  I may go find her and YELL REAL LOUD to see how she reacts.

But I need some more nappin myself, so mebbe I shouldnt talk.

TBT has been up and around and busy though.  He must be more experienced at pawtying...

Well, he IS about 10 times older than US.