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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Wensday Wondering

AYLA:  So where HAS I been fer 2 days?

Well, I'll TELL you.  I was in a place I never been before mostly.  See?
 I was on the MIDDLE shelf of the shoe rack...
 And I sure never been THERE before.   I was SO confoosed.
I allus jump to the HIGH shelf.   And I couldn't figure out how to from the middle to the upper one.  And I WANTED to nap on my Bloo Blankie above me!

OK, I finally called to TBT.  He said to just hop down from there, but I've never DONE that before.  So he picked me up, set me down on the bed frame (where I usually jump up to the top shelf from),  and then all seemed normal again.

Bast I felt STOOPID!  I am NEVER gonna have THAT MUCH NIP at a pawty again.  Ever.  Especially cuz Iza is laffin at me. 

But there is some revengical coming.  We are all gonna get weighed tomorrow, and I bet IZA has to go on a DIET.  I saw her stuffin herself with all that food at the pawty...  MOL!

Oh is THAT ever gonna makes me feel better...

Pee Ess:, we are sticking with the 3,000th post header all this week because we love it so much...