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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

Well, we are all back to normal again.  And welcome to my Garden Tour...

We have AZALEAS!   This white one is lovely, and it seems to have 3 flowers on each stem.
It looks really good close up.  Go ahead, take a good look.
It looks nice from farther back, but not quite as good.
An there are RED ones too!
Seriously, get yer nosies right in there.  Its OK, no bees.  I told them to give us some space for the tour.
I like them better from far away than the white ones.
This one is from a evil vine that TBT fights constantly.  The neighbor planted it along the fence.  But it DOES have a nice flower.
And we have lots of THESE in the lawn.  TBT does like them much either.  I dont know why; they look nice.
The Ajuga are blooming.   They are spreading around in the shaded parts.  The pretty bloo flowers are nice, and the leafs turn purple all Summer.  See the bee at the bottom?  They LOVE those early flowers.
Thats all we have for now.  But I see other plants are getting ready to bloom soon, so I think we are on the way to a constant bloomin season!

Now, after all that walking around the yard, we need snacks.  OH Bast, TBT has opened cans of Salmon&Trout from his hunting expedition to PetsMart!  Does it get better than that?  Well, of course it does.  We also have chickie kibbles TBT will toss around fer us to chase, and there are fresh Nip leafs to chew and roll on.