Friday, May 08, 2015

Purrformance Review

IZA:  Spittikins (Dearest of all cats and owner of the weariest-royal-head-needing-a-tummy-to-rest-on) reminded us of the annual Bein purrformance review.  Ours is easy...

We hesitate to review our TBT.  It will seem too kind.  But we are honest...

Quantity of Output:  4 Paws.  He helps us post daily.

Quality of Output:  4 Paws.  He does very well with the pictures...

Client Pawticipation:  4 Paws.  He has our email on the blog, and connects from his to ours.

Pawticipation (Part II):  4 Paws.  He helps us throw pawties, and reminds us of special days.

Client Satisfaction:  4 Paws.  He helps our friends enjoy visiting our blog.

Overall Rating:  4 Paws.  Well, he COULD sit in the TV chair more, but since we are enjoying being out on the deck a lot, that might be wasted time fer him.  He IS available a lot after dark.

Its really hard to take any credit paws away from him.  Mebbe we could get more bacon... But WE just couldnt find paws to diminish fer him this year.

What is YOUR review of yer Bein?

Hmmm, Megan just pointed out that we shouldn't consider TBT purrfect.  We agree, but are not sure where to reduce his rating.  

So we will reduce it by one paw "somewhere" and not be specific about it.  There IS allus room fer Beins to improve their attention to us!