Saturday, May 09, 2015

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  OK, so I was layin on TBT after a SERIOUS session of chin, jaw, an neck attention by his magic fingers...  Ooooohhhh....  There are REASONS why I stay near him.  Darn near I passed out, too.
But I woke slightly an got my head down proper...
He KNEW what was coming next!  I often do a bit of  licking cuz his scritchin leaves some loose furs, ya know?

But he wasnt especting THIS!  Yet, he had the camera there an primed, so...

He caught me in FULL YAWN!

OK, we've all been caught that way, an the Beins sure admire it (cuz THEY cant), but look at the details!  I was amazed myself!  I only say that cuz I seldom see that part of me. 

But seriously, how well do YOU know yer own mouth?  We all unnerstand ours only indirectly by touch.  So TBT an I researched my mouth.  

Like, I KNEW my tongue was raspy, but I dint know why.  So there are all those ribs there on my tongue.  COOL!

And of course I knew my tongue reached my nosie, but who knew it was THAT long?

And I have all my fangs.  So do Ayla an Marley, but we thought we had each lost one.  Good Happy Surprise!

And look at those lines on the top of my mouth!  I asked TBT about that.  He says he thinks those are fer tasting foods fer safety before I swallow.  MOL, like I WAIT before I swallow foods...  But he says I know my foods are safe, so I dont hafta worry much.  Good, the faster I can eat the better...

That thing below my upper lines?  Is that the vomeronasal thingie?  Ive heard about that.  Its how I detect introoder smells I think.  TBT says it lets me remember that Marley an Ayla are friends too (usually, MOL).  I bet that is where the Feliway werks too.  Well, OK, thats what TBT says and that's the way I'll bet most times.  Iffen it doesnt involve catching mousies annyway.  Hes bad at that.

An look at that ridge unner my tongue.  I have NO IDEA what that is for, an neither does TBT.  Meebe it keeps my tongue centered between my lower fangs.  You kitties got anny guesses on that?