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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Bunnyday

MARLEY:  OK, now Bunny-lovers might want to just skip this...

Nothin gross, but just letting ya know its a teen-bunny an I hunt them...

Dont say ya wernt warned...

I love Spring.  The air is warmer, the smells are better, there are plants growin...  And The Bunnies Arrive!!!

I love finding them around the yard.  There allus a few.
I dont know WHY they bother tryin to raise a brood here, but Im glad they do.   TBT likes it when I catch them too.  I get ATTABOYS and scritchies and I rub all around his feets ta show off.
And they play pretty well fer a while.  Longer than mousies, annyway.
But they dont last forever.  
I let Iza play with them afterwards (SHE has never caught one).  So its only fair ta let her pretend, ya know?
She does her best ta act like SHE caught it, but TBT and I, WE know.
Gotta let the sisfur have her pretends...  Otherwise, she gets REAL cranky.

I ate most of it later.  TBT likes that too.  Saves him some foods money.  But also, he says they shouldn't go to waste an I agree.  Iza can have the back half.  She likes haunches.

Ayla has no innerest in them...