Monday, May 11, 2015

Skwerlcat Monday

IZA:   Well, Evil Skwerl annyway and ME.  If Marley can take over Sunday, I'll take over his usual Mon Day.

The cage caught a bird a few days ago if you remember.  It got a Evil Skwerl today.  And this time I got to watch it up close!  It was quite ecitin!
Did ya know they "BARK"?  They sound like little yappy dogs!    Who Knew?
And they act like they are BIG ANIMALS!  Not only yellin all that loud, but jumpin at ya too.  Pretty brave fer bein caught...
I walked around the cage to the other side.  Ta get a better look.   I tried to poke a paw in there ta touch it, but the mesh was too small.  TBT said I was lucky I couldnt as they have really sharp teeth an are TOTALLY insane to begin with. 

TBT said he would put me inna big box and drop the Evil Skwerl in if I wanted.  I declined.  No reason to torture the Evil Skwerl (*coff, coff*)...
But at least I got some good looks at it REAL close up.  Information is allus good.  
But since I couldnt get right at it fairly, I got bored and left.