Thursday, May 14, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday


The flowers are pretty skimpy this week.  Sorry about that.  But I got SOME things.

We have Columbines blooming.  They're nice.  They dont last long, but I think they sure are PRETTY!
 The PINK azaleas are blooming now...
 There are tomaters growing...
 And ya GOTTA look at the Nips! 
 They are all OVER the yard...
 They show up all OVER!
Marley rolls all over them.  But they are strurdy an grow back up.
I roll on them too.  
 Wouldnt you?

But the deck is also warm (but not too warm), so let's just go up there and have some treats.  In fact treats is what it is today.  We have chickie crunchies, salmon crunchies, and cow crunchies.  And fresh Nip leafs of course. 

Thanks so much fer coming on the garden tour with me...