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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:    OK, we had a good morning outside.  Breakfast first and then out.  And TBT was active outside too.  But then it was lunch time, and we all came in.  TBT too.  Well how else would we get our lunch, ya know?

An then after that, He sat down in the TV chair.  Watchin WHAT, we didn't bother ta notice.  Guess where WE went.  Right up on his legs of course!
 It doesnt get...
 More Easy Like Sunday...
 Than THAT!
Ayla is nappin just out of the picture behind him.  When WE are nappin on his lap, SHE cant find much room.  So she is up on the back of the chair.

Which means WE are all together!  At the TV chair...  Easy like Sunday fer sure, but we will take that anny day of the week.