Saturday, May 23, 2015

About A Comment

TBT HERE:  We got a harsh comment from JB's Small World about the wild rabbit Marley caught Thursday.  The comment was "This is truly despicable! How horrid to post this."  I wanted to ask JB's person if he/she wanted to discuss it privately, but I couldn't find a way, so I am mentioning it here.

This is not to start a big argument or cause any contention.  And I invite JB's person to contact me privately at the email listed near the top of the sidebar for polite civil discussion and a frank exchange of views.

However, I consider it natural that cats be allowed outside when there are safe situations in order for them to experience the fullness of their nature.  And as our semi-wild fenced-in backyard is home to numerous small wild critters that are natural cat-prey, it seems perfectly normal to me that they catch and eat some of them.  I certainly do not miss the various mice, moles, voles, and shrews they catch.  As a gardener, I don't miss the occasional young bunny they catch either.  In fact, I wish they could catch some of the squirrels who dig up my crocus bulbs and veggie seedlings.  I have found and killed a few squirrels, young groundhogs and rabbits myself just to reduce the damage in the garden!

Does one condemn foxes for catching numerous rodents each day or hawks for catching songbirds?

Yes, the cats catch several birds each year.  I regret the loss of a finch or cardinal, but they catch more sparrows and starlings, and there are plenty of those around (and always will be).  As far as the songbirds go, I feed them year-round, and there are many more here now then when I moved in.  If I help a dozen thrive and the cats get 2, that's a gain for the songbirds.

I understand that some people are very reasonably saddened when cats catch desirable birds or "cute small mammals".  Everyone has some animals they prefer above others.  But "This is truly despicable! How horrid to post this."  is not the best way to express oneself...

I would easily understand and accept "We feel sorry for the poor little bunny" or "We wish they hadn't caught that bunny" without complaint.  But calling me "despicable" and "horrid" required a response.

Thank you,