Thursday, May 28, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this week's Garden Tour!  We have some new ones, and some that dont last long, and some that do.

This is the surprise plant.  It is the only survivor of a patch planted many years ago.  Why THIS one keeps returning when the other died out almost the first year amazes TBT but he is glad it does.  Every gardener admires survivors.    There is something about the color that makes it hard for the camera to focus on it.  "Light reflection" he guesses.  Sometimes we can find the label buried in the ground; sometimes we cant.  This year we cant, so it goes un-named this year.
The snow-peas have flowers.  And we see there is a real pea! (bottom left).  It will grace a stir fry, with honor.
The Australian Bapista are blooming.  It is the 2nd nicest bloo we have in the garden.  (The best bloo is yet to bloom) .  There are 4 of them blooming actally, and we are thrilled ta see then as we thought the deck-builders had stomped them to death last Fall.  They are a bit smaller than usual this year, but as long as they survive they will regrow bigger.
 The hostas and Painted Ferns are doing FABLOUS this year.  Dont know why.  Mebbe they are just maturing or they loved the Spring weather.
Here's our 2nd favrit hosta.  The leaf colors are great.
This looks like a blackberry flower, but it is an old wild species rose TBT found when he first moved here.  Old Hawthorne or somethin like that.  It smells good too.
The big hostas out front are lovin this Spring weather too.  This is the biggest they ever got.  In fact, there are a couple greener ones behind them that are usually be bigger.  But I don't think they will catch up THIS year.   The small stuff in front is Snow On The Mountain.  It came from New Hamshire wher TBT's parents lived years ago.
Snow On The Mountain flowers.  They arent much, but flowers are flowers and worth lookin at.   Polinatin bugs like them a lot.
The Painted Ferns in front are as happy as the ones in the back yard.  Real big this year.
Some are almost 2' across!  I've never seen them that big in my years here.
And here is my FAVRIT hosta!  Its still a bit surrounded by falling daffodil leafs, but you can see the colors.  It will get bigger.
An finally here is a picture above on the front steps lookin over the rails at the Snow on The Mountain.  It spreads very well and looks great in Spring and Fall.  It dies back in Summer cuz it isn't used to the heat.  It came from New Hampshire, as I mentioned, so the HOTS arent good to it.  But it has lived here (TBT says) fer 25 years.  This is a VERY heavily-shaded spot.  North side of the house AND shaded from the west affernoon sunlight by the front steps. 
Well, after all THAT walkin around, lets go have some snacks.

OMC!  TBT slow-cooked a pork butt and we have all the shavings.  Dont laff, those are the tastiest part, lots of fat, but meat too.  Fer drinks, Ayla got TBT ta stuff lots of NIP leafs in the blender and he added some cream.  So we got Nip-Smoothies...

Thanks fer comin on the Garden Tour this week!