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Friday, May 29, 2015

Comfy Friday

MARLEY:  I like to get unner TBTs covers in the early morning.  Dont know why and dont care.  I just DO.  Early morning just seems RIGHT ta me.  HE likes it cuz I dont push on him like Iza does.

I usually just sleep by myself on the top cat tree platform in the Cat Room.  Ayla is usually up on TBTs shoe rack (something I have never unnerstood) and IZA usually sleeps against the frame in one bottom corner or other of the waterybed.

To each their own, I say.  But towards morning, I like some cover and warmth.  So I talk to him long enouth for him to lift the sheet an blankie an make a little cave fer me ta crawl in.
Then when I am all settled down nicely, he lowers the blankie and I sleep there hours with him until he finally gets up to give us breakfast!

Notice that the unders of the sheet are well-furred...  He doesnt mind.

Sometimes I think he has more of our furs on him than we do.  MOL!