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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  It WAS Easy Like Sunday morning, but very early, like 8 am.  We were ready to get up but TBT wasnt and we stick ta his schedule cuz thats when the FOOD an the OUT is.

So we were a bit more active this early morning than he was...  Marley had just gotten out from unner the covers and  wanted to look out the deck door.
But he dint see annythin so he came right back.
We groomed each other.  
A lot.  We are good about that.
Take turns, and do head rubs.
Then just sit together.  Sittin together is nice.   I like Marley a LOT!
So, more grooming...
 Some ear licking...  Evryone needs clean ears.
I bet the rest of the day goes really good too.