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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

TBT:  Before I let Iza get started on the Garden Tour (and help Ayla get started on the after-tour snacks), I wanted to answer some questions about the Werdless Wensday pictures yesterday.  Iza and Marley WERE both hiding.  Not from me or any storms.  They were both hiding from each OTHER!  Each was planning a pounce when the other walked by.  Needless to say (so I'll say it anyway), neither got to pounce the other from their hiding places and eventually fell asleep waiting for the other to come past.  I cracked up, seeing that they were both just a few feet apart but couldn't see each other waiting.  The waiting only ended when I called them to their late dinner.

I only barely imagine their mutual surprise when they realized they had both planned a pounce on each other and failed.  And I accept their mutual protestations that they had no whapping intent on my ankles or even Ayla.  Iza and Marley are well-matched by weight and skill for such games.  But when I call them to dinner, all games are forgotten immediately.


Thank you for coming on the Garden Tour this week.  We have some nice flowers to show!

This is a perennial Salvia.  The plants look weedy most of the year, but they sure look nice in bloom.
 The Golden Troillus are just beginning to bloom.  This is one plant; there are 5 more getting ready to bloom.
The Baptisia are near the end of their blooms.  They never bloom heavily, but the little bloo flowers are very nice.  TBT says the stems have spread out enough that he thinks he can divide them in the Fall for more plants.
These are a surprise!  Wild daisys.  It the only ones in the yard and I don't recall them being here before.  We may divide and replant them too  in Fall.  More of those would be nice!
The first stargazer lilies opened up yesserday.  All of a sudden.  One evening there were buds, the next morning full blooms!  They sure bloom fast!

This is our Weigala.  They are in a shady corner of the yard where they shouldn't be happy enough to bloom like this but they do.
And another Weigala  but all red.  TBT says they "should be" in sunnier places but, I say if they are happy where they are dont mess with them.  Its an ongoing discussion, "improve things" vs "leave well enough alone.  Naturally, as a cat, I lean toward not doing anny work you don't HAVE ta do.
The Clematis did well this year considering they are getting more shaded each year.  Fewer flowers but bigger ones.  TBT says they have extensive roots and are not good about being moved.  He's probly right about that one.
This is a rogue plant called Knautia.  TBT planted some years ago.  The "wander".  And they are kinna flimsy.  Rain knocks them down.  I've discussed these with TBT and our thoughts agree.  He will let most of them just sit, but try moving a few to new spots to see if they toughen up some and like the new spots better.

They ARE pretty!  Just kinna sparse with the flowers.
Well, that's the Garden Tour fer this week.  Now let's see what Ayla has come up with fer snacks and drinks up on the deck...  Crumbly bacon mixed in shredded chickie-breast?  Wow.  And what's that to drink?  Sniff, sniff...  Ah cream with pounded Nip leafs ( I suspect TBT helped her with that)!

Thank you all for coming along on this weeks Garden Tour...