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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  Well, I gotta esplain about the Kibble Toss game we have here.  We get wet can food mostly, and we LOVE it.  So fer US Tossed Kibbles are treats.  TBT has a BIG JAR with reglar kibbles and fancy ones and when he sits down ta eat his own evening meal, he has a small bowl of kibbles that he tosses around fer us ta chase. 

Its FUN, REALLY! They bounce around and it is a challenge ta catch them.  And they are tasty too!

So we enjoy it.  We have differences though.  Marley goes CRAZY fer the things, Ayla likes them a lot; I do sometimes.  But I want MY share of annything that resembles food.  Marley an Ayla like the chasing.  I like the eating more, so he doesn't toss mine as far.  It werks...

Here is Marley chasin one that got into a planter from some time past.  He really IS dedicated to getting those things.
But it is EASY SUNDAY, and we like that too.  On cool nights inside, we like ta get more warmth.  Sometimes, we even crawl unner the covers.  It is pretty rare that any 2 of us do at the same times, but it isn't unheard of...

In fact we were both there, Marley an Me last night..
It got better when Ayla even got unner on his other side, but he couldn't get the camera.  Ayla is funny,  She likes getting unner, but she has Happy Claws, so she cant stay there long.  TBT isn't thrilled with claw-pricks all over him when he is tryin ta sleep.

Marley likes ta sleep unner not touchin TBT.  I like to sleep draped on a leg (which, apparently, ya don't need ta see).   We can stay there all night.