Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Basket-Case Tuesday

IZA:  When TBT propped up his laudry basket against the door, I thought it looked quite inviting.
 Look at all the nice features...  I can see through the sides, yet cant be pounced through them.  Good air circulation.  Roomy but not TOO big.
 And the color is very good fer me!  I wouldnt have thought that black would show off my furs so well.  But its a shiny black, and I guess that makes a difference.
I had to get out of it because he needed to use it fer his clothes, but I'll look for it more often!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mealtime Monday

MARLEY:  Yeah, I know, this is SPOSED ta be Mancat Monday.  But I just wasn't involved in good pictures lately.  But the Sisfurs were.  Im not sure why *I* am reporting on this, but TBT says it IS my general day AND he doesnt wanna start some hissy-fit between Ayla an Iza.  OK, that is kinna my job...

Some background...  I don't much like Bein foods.  Drop a bit of cheese on the floor, I just sniff it and leave.  Same with shrimp, cow, pork, and (usually) chicky.  I like MY food squeaky-live, soft from a can, or crunchy from the treat jar.

The Sisfurs are less picky.  In fact, they attack nearly any meat or fat TBT eats (when offerred).  So when TBT puts a meat-food plate that he is through with, Iza comes running.  If the plate has room, Ayla gets in a nose too.  So after he finished his piece of cow yesserday, they both got into it.

No captions, just enjoy the pics...

Well, OK, one further note.  The small bowl is the one TBT keeps the treats in while he tosses them to us as he eats his dinner.  When its empty, he puts it on the floor so we can see they are all gone.  When I see that, I just leave the room... 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Its nice out today, so I am taking my Easy Like Sunday on the deck rail.
I hope everykitty has as nice a day...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Special Dress Up Saturday

IZA:  I haven't done this fer a while.  And I bet not many of you know I am a Goth-Girlcat at heart.  Well, OK, from my purrsonality ya might.

But I have a real dress-up as a gift from Spittikins a few years ago.

THIS outfit takes some real time ta arrange!
But is it THIS cool or what?

And I'm wearing it to remind Spittikins-Lovey-Dearest why he should come over VERY SOONEST and rest his weary royal head on my silken tum and admire me all fancified with his gifts that I have not forgotten about... And forget about Finlandia(N)-Politics fer a while.

And I will feed him real live dead shrimp, bits of just-barely-cooked filet mignon steak and some chedder cheese until he falls into a coma of love that I will merely lay there and admire in happiness...

And that will cause MY happiness. 

Saturday Caturday - Three Kitties

AYLA:  OK, sometimes we don't stay all this close.  And sometimes when we do there are some face-offs.  And it is usually Iza and Me.  We confront each other sometimes, and it is innerestin.  Iza is bigger, but I am faster with the paws.  Purrsonally, I like to think of it as Me being a BIG LEOPARD and Iza bein a small lioness.

And as as you can see, Marley is ready to go run unner the bed.  He knows when to get out of the way...  He would smooth things over after or stop annything serious if TBT dint, but hes not sure what ta do right there.  Boycats, MOL!
 But then we just stopped.  La-La-La, friends again.  Well, sometimes we just like to test each other. 
Well, we all wanted to go out.  Never mind it was dark.  We wanted to.  But TBT wouldn't let us.  He never does.  It never hurts ta ask though,
I held the door area while Iza left.  I won... Ya can tell I won cuz my tail is curled around me and Iza's tail is lowish.
 You can tell it was all calm again cuz Marley is just sitting there...
Not our typical evening, but all was resolved with TBT tossing kibbles around fer us to chase.  There aren't many hissies that a few tossed kibbles won't solve. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Freaky Friday

A painted turtle (correction:  Its a Box Turtle) visited us.  It was "OK" but boring.  TBT liked it though.
He turned it over JUST fast enough to take a bottom pic.  And dont worry, he rewarded the boxy thing with a piece of carrot .
We were OK with it being in OUR yard.  It doesn't bother us and WE wont bother IT!  TBT says it eats slugs (YUCKKERS)!  But the fewer slugs the better, we guess.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  And guess who isnt doing it this week?  Well, "Ayla" would be a right guess, but "IZA" is the answer I had in mind.  That's cause she stayed in today (something about the time it takes dressing up in Goth jewels for Spitty ta admire), so I said *I* would do it.

Its more complexicated than I thought.  I just run at TBT's feet...
 And again...
And again!

But I got the hang of it...
Over here ya see the Sweet Flag in the small pond.  TBT just added some small goldfishies there (and NO we wont bother them).
There are caladiums above up on the deck.  And lilies below.
The Stokes Asters are blooming,  possibly our Favrit flower.  They are older than I am and they keep blooming.
 Well, OK, the coneheads coneflowers are older than me too but they are wandering and a few cans short of a case (as TBT likes to say)
Here's a nice up-in-yer-face Stokes Aster...
The weerd Brunella have been pawsitively joyful since the shrub above them got cut down.  They are twicet what they were in other years.
The butterfly bushes are starting to bloom.
An there are some Astilbes still surviving (TBT says after 20 years).  They must like where they are. 
 An I spose I HAVETA show ya the tomaters (I get extra treats fer this right?)
So that's the tour, thanks fer comin along.  What, snacks?  Oh boy I hope Alyas been busy while we were out here.  She has?  So...

Hurray, we are getting tossed kibbles fer snacks!  I LOVE those.  But there is also chicky/Nip-smoothies in real cream and some Salmon shredded stuff.  Which is not MY favrit but apparently is to most others.

So let's go up on the deck and enjoy...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Its kinna hot out, so I am stayin inside mostly.  The Hammick is a great place ta nap durin the day.  Its in the living room, so I can keep track of the comings and goings of TBT, Ayla, and Iza.
And it sure is COMFY!
And I will probably be here tomorrow too, as TBT says it will get into the "feels like 105" category.  Why he lets it get that hot outside is beyond me; he seems to hate it too. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Ya wont see this too often.  Me gettin on TBT's Lap and next to Iza.  She might just be very deeply asleep.  Its hard to tell.
But I took advantage of the opportunity.
And TBT did too.  Camera shots...
Mezzer furs in serious proximity...
But of course, he mostly wanted to get ME.
Stretched hard around to get the frontest he could.
But took more where I seemed happiest.
I wasn't "thrilled" with my nose in Iza's feet., but I did get her tailie in the way..
But ya accept the good lap when ya can...  And I was happified about it...

And TBT astayed as still as possible fer nearly an hour ta let me enjoy the lap.

After, I climbed up on his shoulder, but there arent pics of that.  We keep some things private.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Caturday

AYLA:  First, I want to thank everyone who came to my birthday pawty!  It was the BEST EVER with SO MANY friends coming to celebrate!  I am touched...

IZA:  Well you ARE a bit "TOUCHED" Ayla, in some ways...

AYLA:  HEY!  This is MY "thank you", don't introod!  I can still drop on you from atop the cat tree when yer not lookin!

IZA:  Ok, OK...

AYLA:  So as I was saying, thank you all for coming and I will remember this day for weeks at least.  It was a great day.  Every one of you who came were appreciated.  And I think I mentioned evrykitty who visited or posted at the time.  Iffen I missed anyone, I really apologize.

And BTW, the question about the oddest thing in the cartoon at the start of my birfday post?  I think it was the eyeball unner the table, followed by the slice of blueberry pie unner the couch.  But did ya notice that the guy sitting on the couch looked like Robin Williams?  Seriously, go look HERE

Being 8 is great!

I am up and around again (after recoverin) fer 2 full days.  The deck rails are good ta be on. 

And I am feeling mebbe 5 again...  Life is GOOD!