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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm 8!

AYLAI got the BEST prezzie today! 

Question, what is the oddest thing you see in the cartoon above?

Now, on to the PAWTY! 

I'm 8.   TBT says that means 50 in Bein years.  NO WAY!  He's jokin, right?  *I* KNOW I will stay about 35 in Bein years fer another 5 REAL years at least.  So I'm gonna celebrate THAT today.  So celebrate with me...

We are gonna have some of the same games and such as last year, but I'm CHANGING them a bit.

The ladders will be outside, 
The bags will be in the kitchen,
The boxes will be in our purrsonal Cat Room,
The toys will be laid out on towels for convenient sniffing and selecting, 
There will be other games fer playin,
And the carpet climb will be over a hoop  (so ya gotta climb up the front and down the other side - no jumping up or off allowed),
Plus, of course there will be lots of foods and drinks...  A Meat Buffet,
And Ham.

And Fancy Drinks...
So let the pawty BEGIN!

3 AM:  Well, the whole Punapippuri gang has arrived and that has started things off great.  A crowd already!  Summer and Flynn are here too and that is getting high-paws from all.  The boxes seem the hot spot so far...

6 AM Update:  Alasandra's cats and woofie have arrived.  And who is coming through the travel tunnel?  Why it is the Whiskeratti and The Sometimes Cats Herd You crowd.  

The joint is JUMPING!  

The big game right now is the boxes.  We are all trying ta jump into one just as another jumps out.  There are some fails, but we are accepting the shoving.  The bumped ones get tossed kibbles and that makes thing OK. And the unbumped ones get the boxes.  And that all gets changed at the next box jump...

9 AM UPDATE:  The Island Cats are here, Peaches and Paprika (cool names), and the Pilch gang, and Brian, too. The Punapippuri ninjas ran up the carpet with Ayla and it was darn near a 3-way tie,  But Ayla acknowledged that they barely got down faster than she did and gave them both high-paws.

She promises to do better the next time.  

Meanwhile, the ham and shrimps are going fast (dont worry, we have lots more).  And there is a lot of box-hopping going on...

3 PM UPDATE:  Wow, talk about a house rockin!  The neighbor cats complained, so we invited them in (that's Petey over by the Nip Bar and we're not sure WHERE Matilda is right now).  Well, there must be about 100 cats here at the moment so whom can keep track?  Nanuk, Jans Funny Farmers, and some KitKats have been here.    Ping, Jinx, and Boo have been around hopping boxes with the Celestial Kitties, the Colehaus Cats, and Quinn.  The Pretinha cats and The Swiss Cats are trying ta talk to each other (what ACCENTS, MOL).  And a whole lotta others we haven't gotten a chance ta sniff yet.  There is plenty more food, though TBT says he may have to order out for pizza (hold the crust, just bring the cheese and meats).  But seriously, we have lots of ham, shrimps, meats, and drinks.  And we can hear bags being pounced into all over the place.

And TBT has been REALLY busy keeping the 4 litter boxes clean, MOL!  Hes definitely gonna sleep fer 3 days after this pawty is over - which WONT be soon...  His next job will be opening the deck door.  Those allowed to be out (TBT has a list) will able to look fer mousies at 6 PM, some will be lalowed only on the deck (a 2nd list), and those who must stay inside will get a special surprise (not to be announced yet).

8 PM UPDATE:  OMC!  The baffroom door is shut an WE remember what that means.  Do you?  No, not TBT stuff (he is OUTSIDE the door)!  There is a special game planned in there for later that our guests got to play once before.  

Things have calmed down a bit (WHEW) and TBT got dinner fer hisself.  But he did have ta eat standing up by the kitchen sink cuz it was the only place he could protect his foods.  Not that anny of us kittehs wanted his salad, but there was a strong sniff of cooked cow fat.  So he tossed some around since he doesnt eat that part.  MOL, just picture 30 kittehs in a moderate small kitchen.  In the end, he spent 5 minutes cuttin up the cow fat and tossing it.  He said he wasn't worried about sanitation, since we kittehs pretty much licked the floors clean.

We think the baffroom surprise starts at 9 PM.

Meanwhile, the outdoor ladder event at 7 was a real spectaular event.  Ayla won that one from experience, but it was a close race (rumors that she was ALLOWED to win are entirely denied by all).  TBT originally had the idea of putting the ladders on the deck, but then he had this awkward thought of 30 cats up on the roof!  There are SOME problems he thinks it wise to avoid.  

The new foods offerred lately are whole poached chick-hens.  With Meowgaritas, and cream fer the young'ns.

10 PM UPDATE:  The big event has just occurred!  TBT opened the baffroom door and we all ran in to see what was up.  It was...  Mice in the bafftub!  This is entirely fer the cats who can't go outside. to hunt. 
An dont worry, these were all mousies that were raised as food fer snakes.  So they were doomed annyway.  An ya dont have ta kill anny iffen ya dont wanna.  Ya can just tap and sniff.  We think evry kitteh should at least tap and sniff mousies sometime.

Nellie just meowed the BEST Birfday song ever!  I am ever so proud to have heard it for me.   Thank you SO much Nellie...  It capped my special day.  ~ AYLA 

Meanwhile the mousies are about done in the the tub.  They squeeked some, but most of the cats who never met real mousies before were oh so thrilled.  

Midnight update:  The pawty is coming to a close.  The ladder games were fabulous, the box games were great, the bags were great fer jumpimg in an out of, the food was great.   But all you guests were the BEST part.  

Thank you all fer coming to my pawty .  You made it the best one EVER!

And fer anny who arrive late, TBT has made sure there is plenty of foods and drinks available.  He will stay up a while to make sure all kittehs are comfy and fed.  An iffen ya want ta join us nappin, you are welcome on the big waterybed or any of the other good spots around the house.   Feel free and we will all snuggle with you happily...