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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Caturday

AYLA:  First, I want to thank everyone who came to my birthday pawty!  It was the BEST EVER with SO MANY friends coming to celebrate!  I am touched...

IZA:  Well you ARE a bit "TOUCHED" Ayla, in some ways...

AYLA:  HEY!  This is MY "thank you", don't introod!  I can still drop on you from atop the cat tree when yer not lookin!

IZA:  Ok, OK...

AYLA:  So as I was saying, thank you all for coming and I will remember this day for weeks at least.  It was a great day.  Every one of you who came were appreciated.  And I think I mentioned evrykitty who visited or posted at the time.  Iffen I missed anyone, I really apologize.

And BTW, the question about the oddest thing in the cartoon at the start of my birfday post?  I think it was the eyeball unner the table, followed by the slice of blueberry pie unner the couch.  But did ya notice that the guy sitting on the couch looked like Robin Williams?  Seriously, go look HERE

Being 8 is great!

I am up and around again (after recoverin) fer 2 full days.  The deck rails are good ta be on. 

And I am feeling mebbe 5 again...  Life is GOOD!